Tuberculosis causes,symptoms and treatment - क्षय रोग( TB ) का कारण, लक्षण और उपचार ।

What is T.B Tuberculous

Tuberculosis causes,symptoms and treatment
T.B. the full name of T.B. is Tuberculous. it's a sickness of contagious and it proves to be fatal if it's not stopped within the early stages. It kills the person step by step. T.B. The sickness is understood by several alternative names.

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Six to seven million folks within the world suffer from this sickness and twenty five to thirty million folks die annually. In each 3 deaths within the country, 2 patients die thanks to T.B.. on a daily basis forty thousand folks get infected.

T.B. sickness is caused by a microorganism infection. it's thought-about as respiratory organ sickness, however it will unfold from the lungs to alternative components of the body, like bones, bones, body fluid glands, intestines, excrement and components of the system, skin and over the brain. Membrane etc.

T.B. The microorganism enter the body by respiratory. throughout the coughing, talking, inborn reflex or ejection of any patient, terribly tiny droplets of bodily fluid and bodily fluid unfold within the air, during which gift microorganism will board the air for several hours and suspire the body of a healthy person whereas respiratory. By inflicting sickness.

In the affected organs, tiny glands, i.e. tubercles area unit shaped. once the treatment isn't done, the affected organs stop functioning mechanically and this could be the reason for death.

T.B. The sickness is additionally found within the cow. Its microorganism in milk and other people drinking the stewed tin become unhealthy.

  1. Twenty million people in India get into TB every year
  2. About 5 lakhs die every year.
  3. The number of TB patients in India is more than any other country in the world.
  4. If an average is removed, 30 percent of the world's TB patients are found in India.

 #  What is the cause of T.B(Tuberculous)

T.B. There are many reasons for the disease, the main reason is poverty, due to poor food due to inadequate and nutritious food, lots of people living in less space, lack of cleanliness and drinking cow's raw milk etc.

  • The person who has T.B. By staying in touch with him, consuming his things, using the experiment.
  • T.B. By spitting the people here, they attack their virus and attack the healthy person.
  • Drinking and smoking can also be gripped by this disease. Also, workers working in slate factory are also at risk.

 #  How is the spread of T.B(Tuberculous)

T.B. Bacteria in the lungs reach in the lungs, they keep increasing their numbers in the lungs. Their infection causes small lesions in the lungs. It can be known by X-rays, the symptoms of wound condition are lightweight.

The special point of this disease is that most people do not cause symptoms. If the person's disease-resistant power is weak then its symptoms start to appear and he becomes completely diseased. Tuberculosis inside the lungs or lymph glands of such persons The bacteria are found, in some people whose immune system is more resistant, these bacteria are clogged with calcium or frobrosis and they are clothed in them. Bacteria live in the lungs or lymph glands in the body. Again, they do not cause harm, nothing can be done against such biologists.

These bacteria can cause harm to the body for many years without sleeping, but as soon as the body's immune system weakens, T.B. The symptoms of the symptoms begin to appear It can spread in any part of the body.

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T.B. Symptoms of bronchitis, pneumonia, and lung cancer meet with symptoms, so when there is no permanent diagnosis of any other disease it is likely to occur.

 #  What is the symptoms of T.B (Tuberculous) ?

Lack of appetite, loss of less and weight suddenly decreased.
Feeling uneasy and lethargic, feeling chest pain, fatigue and night sweats
Light fever, be worried.
Coughing, coughing, coughing, and bleeding in mucus. Occasionally a sudden coughing of blood in the cough suddenly
Swelling of the neck lymph glands and boils at the same time.
Chest pain in deep breathing, swelling on the waist bones, knee pain, difficulty in knee turning etc.
Women are prone to tuberculus meningitis with head constraint, climbing eyes, or fainting.
TB of stomach There are abdominal pain, diarrhea or diarrhea, flatulence etc.
T.B. Symptoms of pneumonia include high fever, cough and chest pain.

 #  Treatment of T.B(Tuberculous)

T.B. Treatment begins with a chest x-ray and scrub or mucus laboratory test.

Nowadays T.B. Different antibiotics / antibacterial drugs are used simultaneously for treatment. This treatment runs continuously for 6 to 9 months without naga.
 In the treatment of irregularity in this disease, its bacteria produce resistance resistance to medicines. This does not affect the bacteria on the drug again. This condition is dangerous for the patient. The reason for giving antibiotics more is also that resistance to bacteria does not arise.
During the treatment, the patient gets nutritious food, he is away from liquor cigarettes etc.
Children T.B. BCG to avoid The vaccine is applied immediately after birth. It is now believed that BCG's vaccine has no role in it.

Due to the prevention of TB, the patient's family is also given medicines, so that the patient's infection does not look like the other members like wife, children and elderly etc.For this, they are given the Isonex tablet for three months.

According to Dr Atul Kharate, Superintendent of Manorama Raje TB Medicine (Indore), 'Now 15 days old cough is prone to TB infection. Treating the patient with dots method, it takes less than 10 months to get rid of tuberculosis. The condition is that the medicine is routine and everyday. Those who give up the medicine in the middle, their tuberculosis does not destroy the germs, but they produce resistance to the medicine.

District Deficiency Officer Dr Vijay Chhajalani informed that tuberculosis occurs mainly in the age of 15-60 years. This is a financial loss of Rs. 12 thousand crores annually due to this in the country. Every year more than one lakh women lose family due to tuberculosis. In Indore district, 31 government laboratories are investigating the drought. 15 NGOs are contributing in this work.

 #  The biggest fatal disease after AIDS

Every person in the world is trapped in the screws of tuberculosis every second. According to the World Health Organization, one-third of the total population of the world is in the vulnerability of inactivated tuberculosis. March 24 is celebrated as World Tuberculosis Day. The biggest killer disease after HIV AIDS is tuberculosis.

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 #  Conclusion

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