Fever: Symptoms, causes, types, and treatments.

Fever: Symptoms, causes, types, and treatments:- When the body temperature increases, it is called a fever. If there is any irritation in any part of the body or any kind of poisoning is found in the blood, the fever becomes a fever, which is called a fever or a heterogeneous fever once the fever recovers once again. The fever that always remains and does not cure is called non-fever. The fever which decreases with decreasing decrease is called a non-stop fever.
 Fever: Symptoms, causes, types, and treatments.
The presence of fever indicates that there has been an infection in the body somewhere. The normal temperature of the body is 98.6 Fahrenheit or 36 degrees centigrade. Body temperature can be measured by using a thermometer in the mouth or adjacent (in the ankles), but the temperature of these two places is approximately one degree Fahrenheit.

 #  Due to fever (fever causes):-

Too much diligence, menstrual cycle, and ovarian eruption, due to high levels of eczema, infection of Bacteria, Virus or Fungus can occur in any part of the body, etc. causes fever. Fever is also caused by a variety of diseases such as cancer, arthritis, hormone growth, thyroid (disease of the thyroid, shield), Lou, injury etc.

Symptoms of fever:-

  • A headache
  • Feeling weak in the body
  • Muscle pain
  • Pain in the waist
  • Coldness and stiffness come.
  • Feeling unconscious or sometimes unconscious
  • Delirium (quibble in unconsciousness).
  • Multiple types of pimples on the skin
  • Sweat from the body.

What to do and what to do if there is a fever: -

  • Patients suffering from fever should avoid physical and mental labor.
  • For the lack of water in the body, liquids should be consumed.
  • The patient should eat khichadi and lentil pulse.
  • The patient should not consume the carbonic beverage, cold juice and fruits like cucumber, cucumbers, and bananas.
  • To reduce the fever, cold straps should be placed on the forehead.
  • Wearing the whole body in a wet cloth gives more benefits when there is more fever.
  • The patient suffering from fever should eat light and nutritious food, which contains juice of vegetables and soup.

 #  How many types of fever are:-

1. General fever:-

This fever happens due to cold, dizziness in the water, stomach disturbances, constipation problems, roaming in the sun, eating more, fearing and working longer.

* General Fever- Treat fever with various drugs:-

1. CAMPHER :- If the patient has a fever in the first stage of the disease, in the first stage of the disease, when the patient feels that there is a fever or a cold, water from the nose is flowing, doing a little bit increases the symptoms of the disease. Doing. To treat the patient suffering from this type of symptom, the patient gets cured after consuming one or two drops of caloric acid twice or thrice.

2. Ipecac:- To treat the patient suffering from this type of disease, it should be consumed by an amount of 30 of Ipecac medicine every three hours. Due to the consumption of this drug, the patient gets more benefit and his fever is cured. Irregular fever is also cured by the use of this drug.

3. Aconite:- In order to cure normal fever, the amount of 6 to 30 power of this drug should be used. If the patient has such symptoms - due to cold, the body temperature increases, thirsty and feeling warm. If this fever is not correct even after using camphor medication then treatment with aconite should be treated.

If the fever has been caused by fear or due to any other disease, it may be cured due to aconite medicine. Colds have become a fever, and with it being cold and coughing, treatment should be done with aconite. This drug is beneficial in the first stage of the disease in fixing this type of fever. This drug can be used repeatedly.

4. Belladonna:- Suddenly a cold fever has taken place, eyes have become red, there is a sharp headache, excessive burning sensation in the body, and if there is no fever with fever, then thus Use of 6 to 30 potency of Belladonna medicine to benefit when treatment of symptoms is beneficial.

5. Glomine:- To recover the fever, its 30 power should be used to correct the fever due to heat or heat due to it and there is a sharp pain along with it.

6. Ferrum Foss:- If there are no special symptoms when the fever takes place, then this biochemical drug should be given at two to three hours difference until the fever is cured.

7. Juice Talks:- If there is a fever due to soaking in water, then using 30 potency of this drug benefits. Dalkemara drug can also be used to cure this fever. If the sufferer suffering from fever is feeling cough that it is getting cough several hours before cold, and till it becomes cold, then fever will be more beneficial to fix such fever.

8. Nux Vomica:- If someone has constipation due to having a fever, then using 30 potency of this drug benefits. This medicine is cold-hearted, but this medicine is used in the patient's condition when the patient feels cold and heat after each other.

9. Lueticum :- When a child's fever is not broken and it is known that his mother has been aborted three to four times, the cervix has become ulcer in the uterus, and there is also severe depletion, it will be from the evening four If there is a fever between eight o'clock, it is beneficial to consume 1m or 10m of this drug.

10. Lyco:- If the patient comes in the middle of the fever from four to eight o'clock in the evening, then this medicine can be used to fix such fever.

11. Bryonia:- If a patient's fever is recovering and coming, again and again, the use of 30 potencies of Bryonia drugs is beneficial. It is beneficial to repair typhoid.

2. Endless fever (disorganized and continuous): -

This fever drops like typhoid and drops and does not recover quickly. After this disease, the patient feels very cold; after this, the fever starts to tremble.

  • Sometimes cold sometimes feels warm.
  • The body feels warm in the body.
  • The skin is dry and dry.
  • Discomfort happens.
  • It seems thirsty
  • The tongue is dry and white.
  • The pulse speed is faster.
  • The patient breathes fast and breathes rapidly and leaves.
  • The patient's urine is slightly red.
  • Pain in the back and back of the back.
  • Occasionally there is a problem of constipation or sometimes thin diarrhea.
  • There is a headache.
  • The patient does not want to eat.

This disease is caused by a variety of reasons like:-

  • Changes in the weather
  • By wearing wet clothes
  • Too much physical and mental work.
  • Being too hot or very cold
  • Without cleaning the body properly
  • Injury
  • By waking up for long hours at night
  • Constipation etc.
Ararat, sago, paddy lava and cold water should be consumed till the fever of the patient suffering from this diseases are completely cured and after four to five days should be eaten after the fever is cured.

* Treat uncontrollable fever or typhoid by various drugs:-

1. Pyrogen:- To treat the disease, the amount of 200 potions of Pyrogen should be used to treat chloromycetin, if it does not benefit from the treatment of typhoid.

2. Belladonna :- Patients suffering from inflamed fever are being jealous of the forehead and throat tubes, feeling cold, feeling excessive irritation in the body, sweating or sweating in the fabric covered place Yes, the eyes have become red, sleepy, thirsty, mouth and lips have dried up, delirium (cheeks in unconsciousness), headache etc It is beneficial to use 3 to 30 power amounts to treat the patient suffering from this type of symptoms. This drug is more beneficial for blood-type and obese humans.

3. Gelsemium:- Due to excessive weakness in the patient suffering from non-stop fever, there is vibration in the hands, feet, tongue, eyes are closed, blurred, the pulse becomes weak, feels thirsty or thirsty Not there. To treat the patient suffering from this type of symptom, its 1x should be used.

4. Baptisia:- By using the low-power of Baptisia medicine from the early stages of typhoid to the end, the disease gets cured and no other medicine is needed. The patient suffering from this disease gets stomach, the patient gets up from sleeping position, answers a couple of words and then falls asleep, the face remains bloated. The patient thinks that I am not giving one, my organs are scattered around and the patient gathers their limbs. To correct the disease of the sufferer suffering from such symptoms, the amount of 12 power of Baptisia drug should be used.

5. Bryonia: Typhoid fever in the patient is gradually affected. The patient suffering from this disease should be constipated, feeling thirsty, head is heavy, throat nerves, forehead, neck, hands, pain in the foot, pain in moving and pain, pain in breathing If there is a dry cough, irritation in the blood, the tongue becomes yellowish, the food is eaten upside down, the vomiting of the phlegm and bile, the face has become pale, the pain in the liver, the patient drinks more water Be and stay quietly. To correct the patient suffering from such symptoms, it is beneficial to use the amount of 3, 6, 12 or 30 power of Bryonia drugs. Such a patient sometimes thinks that I am away from home and the patient says that take me home.

6. Juice Talks:- At the beginning of this disease, the patient begins to have thin diarrhea, restlessness in the patient, changing the gutters, and then using the quantity of 30 potions of this medicine gives benefits.

7. Eupatorium-perf: A pain in the head of a patient suffering from severe fever, it is nauseous, or vomiting of the bile, after vomiting after drinking water, vomiting in shorter time and pain in the whole body If there is any symptom, it is beneficial to use the quantity of Eupatorium-Perf 3 power to repair the disease.

8. Typhoidinum: - If someone feels that it is going to be Typhoid i.e., suspected of having this disease, then taking a two-volume quantity of 200f of typhoidineum medication does not increase the disease and keeps it under control.

9. Arnika: - The condition of the patient suffering from typhoid becomes very serious, but still the patient says that I am absolutely right, the patient is in a state of depression, gives a voice to him, so when he gives his answer again Lie down in the same condition. When the doctor comes to him, he says why he has come, you have not been called, go away. The patient's breath is smelly and its stool also smells. The patient feels his bed very tight and he feels so tight that he can lie on one side only with pain. Inadvertently, the patient gets double-urine. To treat the patient suffering from such symptoms, the amount of 30 potencies of the archaic drug should be exercised.

10. Arsenic: - Typhoid sufferers have a lack of strength in the body, feeling more weakness, shivering from moving and feeling exhausted. The patient has more batch, he keeps moving organs, does not get any relief in any condition. The patient's mouth remains intact, the tongue also becomes fat, the patient drinks a little sip and drinks, thinks that he will not survive anymore. The patient has more trouble during the night or day from 1 a.m. to 2 p.m. To treat the patient suffering from such symptoms, the amount of 30 potencies of this drug should be used.

11. Carbohydrate: - The sufferer of typhoid began to feel that his life force was ending. The patient's body gets cold, cold sweats come out from the body, there is more weakness in the body, the patient starts to gasp, the patient asks to move the fan, blood starts forming in the veins of his body, the body gets blue Or the face and body become very yellow. To correct the disease of the sufferer suffering from this type of symptom, use of Carbose Page 30 should be used.

12. Phosphoric acid: - Its 1 power is used to fix typhoid. From the beginning of this disease, the body parts and mental powers of the patient are being destroyed simultaneously, the weakness in the body is gradually increasing, the patient is lying in the state of sleep but he does not sleep If the patient is awakened from this condition, then he becomes absolutely careful. Phosphoric acid drug use is beneficial for treating the patient when this type of symptom occurs. The patient suffering from typhoid, the stomach of the patient is bloated, the eye does not glow, the patient suddenly sees and feels that he is slowly trying to understand the situation, the tongue is dry, brown, lip black, bleeding gums Going out, jaws fall like that, as if weakness and body will cause death due to coldness. Phosphoric acid should also be used to treat the patient's disease with such symptoms.

13. Aconite: The speed of the patient's pulse accelerates and it feels like the pulse is jumping. The body is hot and dry, it feels cold and sometimes feels warm, repeatedly sneezes, feels restless, feels pain in the head, the speed of breathing and dropping faster. At the time of the night, the symptoms of the patient begin to grow, it becomes a bit delusional, the veins of the throat flare, the thirst seems sharp, the patient feels that he will die. To treat the patient suffering from this type of symptom, use 3g amounts of aconite medicine should be used to cure the disease. As soon as the patient gets sweating, it should be stopped.

14. Viratram-Viridi: The patient's pulse is heavy, hard and fast, the tongue becomes yellowish, and the red line in the middle of it, there is a tremendous shiver in the body, dizziness, headache, physical weakness, and The symptoms of nausea etc. are in the patient suffering from non-fever, if he is suffering from fever, then healing the disease by using 1x the amount of Viterra-Viridi is cured.

15. FERM-FAS: The patient suffering from non-continuous fever should not have a high fever if the pulse is weak and coughing along with it, then in order to cure the disease, use 3x, 6x or 12x of ferment-phosphorus.

16. Saina: If the stomach has worsened due to worms in the stomach, then the amount of 2x or 200 power should be used to cure this disease.

3. Intermittent malaria fever:-

This fever becomes cured like malaria, etc. and then comes the second, third or seventh day. This fever is also called malaria because this fever comes to a halt, which is broken by fever, so it is known as intermittent. In this fever, the patient feels cold, the body remains warm, sweats from the body and feels thirsty.

Treat intermittent fever (intermittent fever) or malaria by various drugs: -

1. Chininum sulph: This medicine is also known as a cabin. Hahnemann had examined himself on the verge of cinchona's bark. Cinnamon is made from cinchona itself. The symptoms of malaria were revealed by taking this drug on their healthy body. This led to the discovery of homeopathy. Because the use of cinnamon on the healthy body causes the symptoms of malaria so the cuneiform malaria can cure fever.

 In this view, the use of cuneiform for malaria in allopathy should be considered as homeopathic use. This medicine is also home to malaria in homeopathy. With malaria disease, the patient feels cold, if the body is warm and sweating, then to correct the patient's disease, chininum sulph 1x to 3x should be used. It is also used in allopathy, but more amounts are used which can cause damage, the patient may also be deaf, whereas in the homeopathic its low or high strength is used.

2. China: The patient suffering from this disease, after getting cold, the body is warm and sweating, feeling thirsty before being cold, do not feel thirsty when the heat and heat are clogged, sweating thirst when you get sweating Due to this sweat coming out, the body feels weak. The use of 30 to 200 potency of Chinese medicine is beneficial to treat such symptoms. The fever of such patient does not come at night, the next attack of fever comes two to three hours early. Fever can occur on the seventh, fourteenth day.

3. Arsenic: The condition of cold and temperature is not fully developed, either too much of any one of these two states or at least one of the same conditions but sweat is not at all; thirst does not seem to be thirsty. Drinking a little bit, in the state of heat, drinking drowsiness, being extremely thirsty in the state of sweating, increasing the fever at 12 o'clock at night, discomfort, etc. Such symptoms include malaria or Isi should be treated with 30 Arsenic is in fever.

4. Epica: If the patient is not present in any particular symptoms even when there is a fever, then in this condition, it is beneficial to use the amount of 30 potencies of Ipikaka drug to cure the patient's disease. To correct malaria fever, firstly this drug should be used. Before the cold or in the event of cold and heat, the patient's weakness or nausea This drug can be used to treat the patient suffering from this type of symptom.

5. SIDRAN: If the patient's fever comes at the same time according to the clock need, then this medicine should be treated with the strength of 3.

6. Natrum murmur: If a patient starts to climb fever from 10 to 11 o'clock, then on the lips, if there is a blister on the lips, then in this type of condition, the amount of 200 potencies of Natrum murmur should be used to cure the patient's disease. This drug can be used to cure old malaria fever. If the fever has been suppressed by using more cunning and due to which there has been a variety of symptoms in the patient, then it is necessary to use the Natrum mur disease to remove it. The suppressed fever may return but it will not return to this medicine, or return, it will be destroyed again.

7. Lycopodium: If there is malaria or any other fever between the four to eight o'clock in the evening, it can benefit from using 30 or 200 power of this drug to cure it.

8. Carbohydrates: To remove old malaria, the amount of 30 potencies of this drug should be used. In the state of the cold, the body of the patient is completely like the ice, it can be used to fix the disease of the sufferer suffering from this type of symptoms.

9. Sulfur: Whenever there is no benefit on the treatment of different types of drugs when the fever comes, then the quantity of sulfur 30 or 200 power should be used. It is also useful to repair new and old malaria diseases.

10. Nux Vomica: As the patient gets cold, the body is warm and sweating, the patient feels cold so that he has to wrap the cloth. Shaking of winter from any body part of the body is shivering. The cloth does not like to keep the lid, but it does not even go without the lamps. The body feels irritation like fire, but the cloth does not remove, it shakes and shakes. To treat the patient suffering from this type of symptom, using Nux Vomica 30 potency of the medicine gives benefits.

Eupatorium purp: If there is a severe pain in the patient suffering from fever, then the amount of 1 power of this medicine should be used to treat it.

4. Maternity fever:

This fever is caused due to the absence of cleanliness after delivery to the woman. This fever does not increase due to the suppressed fever of the woman but if the fever goes away due to milk in the breasts, then in such a situation, this disease can be cured by some short-term medicines such as aconite. But if the childbirth fever comes as a contaminated fever, long-term medicines will be needed, in which sulfur, Lycopodium, feram meth, and pulsatile drugs are main.

Treat childbirth fever by various drugs:-

1. Sulfur: A woman suffering from childbirth fever is feeling jealous in the stomach at 11 o'clock, feeling emptiness in the stomach, feeling more hungry, trouble overnight, hot steam in the body, rising in the heat If the waves come after each other, in such situation of a woman's patient, she gets to benefit from using 30 power of sulfur, because it is the best medicine of contaminated fever. If after the operation, the woman starts having a childbirth, then with the fever, the waves of heat from the body arise, then using this medicine will cure the disease.

2. PYROGEN: When the childbirth-fever becomes septic and the woman suffering from this disease will have a cold, along with all the vibrations in the body, these two symptoms are frequently visible, sometimes cold, sometimes with something If vibration and pulse vibration and there is no proportion of body temperature, then the amount of 200 potions of pyrozone drug should be used.

3. Lycopodium: The sweating of the woman suffering from a prostate-fever is sweating, with other symptoms of childbirth-fever also being visible, due to shivering, shivering and shivering is not stopped, such symptoms The use of 30 power of Lycopodium drug is beneficial to repair the disease of the woman suffering from it. To correct the disease of the patient suffering from such symptoms, pyroxene, Lyoko and sulfur etc. can also be treated.

4. Ferrum Mate: The face of a woman suffering from childbirth will be red-blue and thirsty when it is cold and no thirsty time. If the face is reddish in the cold, sweating from the whole body, in such a situation, it is beneficial to use the quantity of 1x, 2 power, and 6 power of this drug to cure the disease of the woman. The patient suffering from this type of symptom should not be treated with any other medicine. If the woman has become more vulnerable then its low power should be exercised.

5. Pulsatilla: A part of the body of the woman suffering from delivery-fever is heated, the other is cold, the woman is prone to crying, the tear flows, the trembling fear, the neurological (nepotism) weakness and the stimulation Restlessness To treat the woman suffering from this type of symptoms, Pulsatilla uses 30 potencies of the drug. The patient's body comes to sweat on one side only, not on the other side, it gets heated on one side and cold on the other side.

5. Tuberculosis fever

This fever occurs in the patient suffering from tuberculosis.

T.B. Or treat diarrhea (tuberculosis) (phystic and hectic fever) by various drugs:-

1. Phosphorus: Emaciation and weakness are felt in the chest of the patient suffering from this disease, the patient's mind develops faster than the body. T.B. It uses 30 power amounts to cure it, but it is useful in the early stages of the disease when the disease increases, neither should it be given in a low power or in high power. Using these two powers, it can have a side effect in the patient. To cure the disease of such patients, Foss should not give power above or below 30 to 200 power and that too should not be repeated.

2. Cyrilla: T.B. In this increased condition, 30 potencies of this drug are used. With the effect of this medicine, the action of pub breeding in the lungs is controlled and the disease does not grow further. To cure this disease, there is no other medicine than Silica medicine, but there should be such symptoms in the patient to use this medicine. T.B. The sufferer is not always well in cold, moist air, and he gets some relief in the air.

3. Pulsatilla: T.B. The patient suffers from acne, yellow and green in the evening; fever increases in the evening time, do not feel thirsty, comes sweat from the side, becomes a wound in the chest and feels pressure, healthy-looking patient But his body remains yellow, there is a lack of blood in the body and spit is saline. Using 30 volumes of strength to treat the patient suffering from this type of symptom is beneficial.

Sepia: T.B. The stomach of a patient suffering from stomach remains empty, there is a pain in the lungs on the right side. The use of its 200 power amount is beneficial to treat this type of symptoms.

5. Kelly Carb: T.B. To improve the use of 30 potencies of this drug is more beneficial. This is particularly beneficial for patients who have this disease after plurici and there is a pain like dipping in the chest. This drug is useful in curing the disease of those patients who have ulcers in their lungs, they can hardly recover without it. The spleen is rounded by the patient suffering from this disease; The disease increases at three o'clock in the morning, the touch of the patient's feet is not tolerated, the throat falls, the swelling swells on the eyelids, especially the chest, the chest weakens She goes. This is a very beneficial drug for those suffering from such symptoms.

6. Acetic Acid: T.B. Soreness comes out from the whole body of the patient suffering from the night. To treat the patient suffering from this type of symptom, its use of 3 to 30 quantities is beneficial, which results in the cure.

6. Cold fever:-

The fluid, like the water of the nose from the nose of the patient suffering from this fever, starts flowing like this, there is pain in the body as there are cramps, with the pain in the head, it feels like something is dripping. , Water is filled in the eyes and sneezes, the head remains heavy and vomits, and it keeps on flowing, the problem of constipation is also there and the jamb has kept coming, the eyes and mouth are feeling heavy, the eyes are redGoes, the voice goes, coughs, and chest pain. It becomes the fever in the water, getting wet, cold, hot stomach, abruptly getting sweating from the body, reaching the cold from the heat, eating curry and other types of a cough.

Do not get cold, massage the body completely, massage the nose on the nose and the chest with mustard oil when the nose is closed. The patient should eat light stuff like paddy lava, greens, and barley.

When the patient's body is slightly hot in the first stage of winter, water from the nose and eyes keeps falling, then in such a state, it is useful to eat a little camphor with water.

Treat cold fever by various drugs:-

1. Aconite: If a patient is sneezing, the body temperature has increased, the nose and eyes are flowing with water, restlessness and thirsty, then in such a state to correct the disease, 3x of aconite Or using 6 power, the disease gets cured.

2. Eliimpa: The patient's nose and eyes are falling water, the sound has become heavy, the nose in the throat, frequent urination, pain in the hands and feet, and the disease in the warm room feels rising If so, the Elim Sipa 3x should be used to cure the patient's disease with such symptoms.

3. Naxavom: If the patient has a problem of constipation, with the cold, the nose closes, then this power can be used with the strength of 30 to 30 power.

4. Epikak: If the patient suffering from this disease is vomiting or nausea, then 3x of this medicine can be used.

5. Arsenic: If the water causing inflammation of the nose of the patient suffering from cold fever is flowing, then this amount of 6 power of this medicine should be used.

6. Belladonna: If the patient with a cold fever has red eyes, does not sleep, there are symptoms of a headache, then in order to cure its disease its 6 power should be used.

7. Bryonia: If the patient is feeling pain in the chest and the head feels heavy on the head, the pain in the hands and feet and back, and if there is more constipation, then to correct the disease, Bryonia 6 potency of the drug Should be consumed.

8. Pulsatilla: After recovering the fever of the sufferer suffering from cold fever, using the 6 power of this medicine cures the disease. In this type of symptom, use of Nux-vomica 3 power or juice-toxic drug strength 6 is beneficial.

7. Malta fever: -

This disease is most often seen in the districts of India, Philippine Island, and the Mediterranean Coast. This disease is especially high on Malta Island. For this reason, it is called Malta Fever. This disease is caused by micrococcal malignancy virus, which is in goat's milk and when it consumes milk, the bacteria enter the body and Malta becomes a fever.

Symptoms of Malta fever:-

Malta fever remains hidden in the inner parts of the body for a week, after which sudden abrupt fever appears in the form of fever which remains for two to three weeks. After this, there is a fever for two to four days and then it gets cured and again, due to fever, it remains in the form of non-permanent fever for five to seven months in the patient. With this fever, the patient has problems of constipation, there is a pain in the muscles and bones, there is a pain on the bones of the bones. Sometimes this disease is not cured for many years.

The patient suffering from this disease should be kept separate, his feces should be carefully removed, bathing with light hot water should be done. If the patient's body temperature exceeds 105 degrees, then the body or body should be wiped with cold water. The patient should not give goat milk.

Treat Malta fever by various drugs:-

1. Bryonia: The amount of 3x, 30 power of this drug is used in the first stage of Malta Fever disease.

2. Baptisia: Use of this drug is beneficial to use its 6 power or 3x volume to cure Malta fever.

3. Arsenic: Using Arsenic Medicine, Malta can use its 3x or 6 power to cure fever. Malta can use a variety of medicines to cure fever, which are as follows: 3x of ferm-phosphorus, 1x of cyanothus, 30 power of natram-mure, 30 power of mercury, 3x decay of arse-iod , 3 power of phosphorus, 30 power of sipia, 6 to 30 power of lyko, 3x of cimicifuga, 3 or 30 power of juice-toxicity etc.

 #  Conclusion:-

After knowing the symptoms, types, and remedies due to fever, you may have come to know how to get yourself out of this problem after having a fever. A headache has become very common nowadays, due to slight tension, depression, quarrel or loss of business, the headache comes out in front of you. Therefore, you can get rid of a headache by using the drugs mentioned in this article. Provided advice for Doctor before use. So that you can get the right medicine according to your body. We have published this article only to enhance your knowledge.

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Fever: - Due to fever (fever), symptoms, types, and remedies
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