Migraine: What is the migraine, symptoms and treatment remedies.

Migraine is a neurological condition that can cause many symptoms. It is often weak
And relates to intense headache. Symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, difficulty in speaking, and difficulty in lighting and speaking. Migraines can affect anyone at any age.
 What is the migraine, symptoms and treatment remedies.
In it, Mai means that Hamee means Half and Grain means Cranium which is the head. Women are more prone to migraines than men. Not every headache is migraine. Knowing the symptoms can be known only if migraine is or not! Today, we are going to know all these things in this article that what is migraine, what is the symptoms of migraine, what is the cause of migraine and how to get rid of it.

👉 How many types of migraine.

There are two types of migraine.

  • First classical: - In this, the patient is first and foremost, then the headache.
  • The second type of migraine is common: - It does not get better and most people fall prey to this migraine.

👉 Migraine signs and symptoms.

The main symptom of migraine is the following: -

  • Depression.
  • Irritability
  • Feeling fatigue and low energy
  • Back pain headache
  • Feeling like head tears are being eroded by headache.
  • More pain in one part of the head
  • stiff neck.
  • If you have eyes in the eyes, it may cause more headache.
  • Feel nauseous
  • Feeling dizzy or unconscious
  • Pain persists for 2 to 3 days and sometimes stay for 7 days.
  • Feeling like it will vomit.
Once the migraine is done, the sufferer can live easily from one week to two months. But between this, it can be a pain in the middle of the neck and the head. Before the headache of migraine, the person knows that he is going to have severe headache. The process or process of finding this intuition is called aura. An hour already starts and the victim feels that his head will now burst. This pain can be between the forehead, the jaw and the eye, in addition to half the head.

⇨ What is the cause of migraine ?

Researchers have not identified a specific cause for migraine. However, they have found some contributing factors that can trigger this situation. These include changes in brain chemicals. Such as decrease in the level of brain chemical serotonin. Other factors that trigger migraine include: -

  • bright light
  • Severe heat, or other extreme limitations in the weather
  • Dehydration
  • Changes in barometric pressure
  • Changes in hormones in women such as menstruation, pregnancy, or estrogen and progesterone fluctuations during menopause
  • Extra stress
  • Loud voice (stirring)
  • Acute physical activity
  • Do not eat food.
  • Mental and physical fatigue
  • Changes in sleep patterns (keep changing in taking sleep)
  • Use of certain drugs like oral contraceptives or nitroglycerin
  • Unusual smells
  • Smoking (Smoking)
  • alcohol abuse
  • Decrease in sleep
  • Travel can also be the cause of migraine.
If you experience migraines, your doctor will ask you about your past to know the cause of your headache and ask to keep the activities in hand. Write what you were doing, what foods you eat, and the medicines you were taking before migraines. They can help identify your triggers. Find out what may be the reason for your migraine.

The brain stem becomes more active when migraine is attacked. Because of this, chemistry serotonin is produced. Which increases swelling in the blood vessel surrounding the brain. And we start to feel pain / pan according to the cause of migraine by stress, diet, food, red wine, caffeine-chocolate, citrus food (lemon, orange, tangerine), cheese, yeast-rich food and pastries, pizzas is. Migraine is also caused by anger, it is biological and hereditary disease.

According to Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago, if one of the two parents is a victim of this disease. In such cases, there is an increase in the likelihood of 50 percent of migraines in children and if both parents suffer from migraine, then there is a possibility of 75 percent of migraines in children.

⇨ Who is the victim of migraine mostly ?

Prior to adolescence, boys have more migraine than girls, significant results have been found that migrating levels of Estrogen hormone of women can be related to migraine. Under the following conditions, women may surround migraine: -

  • Menstrual migraine: - Migraine occurs when menstrual cycle is called menstrual migraine. In this, the level of estrogen hormone levels decreases.
  • Migraine in Pregnancy: - The women who migrate to migraine have disappeared from the fourth to the ninth month of pregnancy, then the amount of estrogen hormone levels decreases.
  • Hormone replacement therapy: - It may also cause Migraines due to estrogen taking HRT. Therefore always consult Doctor before taking HRT.
  • Post Partum: - Those women who have forgotten migraines during pregnancy, suddenly they start migraine within a week of delivery. Then the level of estrogen hormone decreases.
  • Minaraki: - When a girl starts her monthly discharge for the first time in her life, she has to fight with migraine, it is called minaraki.
  • Surgical Menopause: - Estrogen disappears from the body by removing the ovary from the operation. Then the fear of migraine increases, so every woman and girl should understand that the fluctuation of the hormones is normal.

⇨ What is the treatment for migraine?

Migraine can not be cured, that means migraine is incurable, but it can be overcome to some extent. Your doctor can help you avoid migraines so you can get them less often and treat symptoms if symptoms occur. 

Treatment can also help to make migraine less severe. There are some medicines that are used in the prevention of the attack. 

This problem may increase in women suffering from asthma. Blood pressure, heart pains, pregnancy and feeding The Beast women need to take special precautions while taking medicines during migraine attack. These people should not consume any medication particularly without the advice of the physician.

↪ Home remedies of migraines.

  • Apple: - Eat an empty stomach apple in the morning, it will help keep you away from migraine.
  • Spinach juice: - In Migraine you can also take spinach juice too. This recipe will also help in migraine greatly.
  • Carrot juice: - Consumption of carrot juice is also beneficial to avoid migraine.
  • Desi Ghee: - In the nose, two-two drops of indigenous ghee get relief in migraine.
  • Ginger :- Ginger consumption is also quite beneficial in migraine.

↪ Some data related to migraine: -

U.S. In this, more than 38 million people are suffering from migraine. Some migraine studies have estimated that 13 percent of Americans in the US have migraines, and 2-3 million migraine sufferers are chronic

U.S. About 5 million people experience migraine attack at least once per month. However, more than 11 million people blame migraine due to moderate to severe disability

  • 70 percent of the Canadian study said that migraine has created problems in their relationship, 70 percent of all migraine victims are women.
  • 63 percent of people have monthly migraine attacks.
  • During the migraine attacks, 49 percent of people restricted their activities for at least one day.
  • 47 percent of the people whose symptoms meet the guidelines for diagnosis of migraine, feel that they had stress headaches, sinus headaches or other types of headaches.
  • 24 percent of people go to a lonely room because the pain of migraine is so serious that they do not suffer.
  • Women are more afflicted with migraine than men.


By reading all the types of information given in this article, you may have understood how migraine can affect us and our health and how to interfere in our work. 

We hope that you have got to learn something or something from this article. Our aim is to get you aware of the best information. So that you can know the cause of the disease and keep your health care ahead.

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